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~Dolphin Dance~

~...a dive into your inner dolphin...~

A multifaceted aquatic and subaquatic exploration, Dolphin Dance is proposed in its multiple expressions as an aquatic bodywork modality including passive receiving, interactive, and alternative sessions, a series of intensive workshops teaching its healing form and principles, a movement-based group experience in warm water, and a performance tool for aquatic artists.

Developed by Lilia Cangemi, registered Watsu Therapist and Instructor, Waterdance practicioner, dance teacher, professional dancer and Licensed Massage Therapist, Dolphin Dance Healing is an eclectic aquatic bodywork modality based on the point work of Shiatsu, the kneading and friction of Swedish and Deep Tissue, the muscle relaxation principles of Trager, the energetic connection of Reiki, the delicate work of Cranial-Sacral, and the joint manipulation allowed by hydro-dynamic movement impressed by the practitioner on the receiver above and under body-temperature water. The spine is naturally elongated and decompressed, while muscles and organs get massaged and invited to release toxins and habitual holding patterns.

Inspired by Watsu, Waterdance and Healing Dance, a Dolphin Dance Healing indvidual session starts on the surface of the water and then leads the receiver (upon request) into the mesmerizing world of the underwater universe, as nose clips enable effortless breathing between air and water, creating an easy interface between the two elements. The physiological dive reflex allows longer and longer submersions and an almost magical breath suspension, which become vehicle for deep states of relaxation and immersion into a profoundly healing space. The pre-natal and womb consciousness become available in the reality of the present, often generating an experience of rebirth that can be nurturing and integrative of past traumas.

Dolphin Dance Healing further explores non-passive forms of individual session including unwinding and interactivity with the client's movement, during which the receiver is in control of his/her submerging and surfacing, as well as alternative kinds of session like triad and couple sessions. Underwater dance and contact improvisation become part of sessions designed to bring through their fear clients who are uncomfortable in water.

The Workshops are intensives created to share with students the exciting exploration of Dolphin Dance, the inspiring moves and flow of alternative and traditional sessions, and encouraging them to find their creative and adaptive style. They also include work in sacred sites of the Big Island of Hawaii.


Dolphin Dance Pod Experience

~...the secret of the dolphin smile...~

This aquatic and sub-aquatic group experience is inspired by many healing and movement arts, and brings them into a body-temperature pool to form a unique and original synthesis combining intuitive aquatic bodywork, dance and contact improvisation above and below the surface, accompanied by underwater music.

Developed by Lilia Cangemi, creator of Dolphin Dance, certified Watsu Therapist and Instructor, Waterdance practicioner, professional dancer and Modern Dance teacher, this group session leads the participants into a non-verbal space filled with music where they can express themselves and move from their emotions in free-form improvisation by oneself, in pairs, or group.

Decreased gravity and the embrace of water with the safety of nose-clips offer a dive into the ecstatic three-dimensionality of the dolphin universe, explored with a "human pod" in unfolding ease, joyful play, creative movement, profound stillness, heart-opening intimacy, and soulful connection. A special version of this experience may be requested for couples and it's an ideal present for honeymoon and anniversary celebrations.


  • Creates joy that restores your inner source of health, energy and vitality
  • Induces deep states of gratitude and ecstatic connection with life
  • Enhances the quality of your expression of caring and tenderness
  • Deepens your relationship with yourself, your partner, family and community
  • Helps resolve traumas associated with water, birth and near-drowning experiences
  • Invites shifting to new paradigms in cases of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse
  • May help release stress, insomnia, anxiety, depression, asthma, affective disorders
  • Induces a profound relaxation in which body and soul can unwind and realign
  • Allows to discover untapped sources of creativity and inner peace

No previous experience is required. If you are afraid or uncomfortable going underwater, this is a great opportunity to release the fear, as the gradual immersions are facilitated and carefully guided in a safe environment.

Please contact Lilia at 808 938 1847 for further information, for individual and couple sessions, and/or to include this activity in your workshops if you are a group or workshop leader.

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